Cleansing the skin, mouth, nose, eyes, baby


Cleaning baby’s eyes:

Newborn baby, burying eyes are very common. Eyes wet with clean water using a soft cotton cloth, wipe the exterior finish is heated through the eyes of a real spring. If buried, or just continue longer in an eye doctor should be consulted.

Cleaning baby nose:

Children for their continuous investment, fluid flow in the nose right there nose bars. Children, we can not clear his throat and cough did not like her nose. Also wheezing when breathing can be heard as a very natural result. The roaring sound when the child is sick as a result of failure to correct nasal cleansing occurred.

The oral health of babies:

Milk-fed baby language may be white.gently wipe clean.

Baby skin care:

It’s a VAX called vernix on baby’s skin looks like cream cheese. Babies born at term, usually six times the skin of the arm, between the legs, on the right side of the butt is available. It is in the skin of premature infants. New research lacquer özell of immunity, strengthen the immune system of the baby’s skin; this shows that a layer of protection to the skin after birth.

Newborn babies should be washed every day. There is no need to use detergent shampoos. After bathing your baby’s skin dry natural fat content by using a lightly oiled nemlendirebilirsiniz.sık often prolonged contact with the skin, preventing urine, feces and Gold modified. In the first weeks it’s actually very sensitive baby skin. If you use cotton soaked in warm water and lower maintenance, other irritating the skin and protect it from peeling easier.