Monthly vaccine babies


Vaccines made out of hospital

Hepatitis vaccine B1:

The first vaccination newborn baby with “hepatitis B”, a baby is born in hospital are done first dose.
But the child is home-born or for any reason the first vaccine to be done, the first medical examination showed the child after discharge, should be “hepatitis B” must be made. In addition, birth weight 2000 grams. In the preterm infants, the vaccine can be a little later.

Vitamin K:

Lack of vitamin K can in infants in the first two months of the umbilical cord with a simple blood spot on the falls. The vitamin K is that the leg muscles of all infants after birth could be done to reform. Oral vitamin K is not recommended to drink.

1. At the end of vaccine origin

Hepatitis vaccine B2:

Hepatitis B virus is a serious infection of the liver. All ages can be affected with the disease. However, in infants and children caused more serious problems. Hepatitis B infection in childhood is essential significantly passed to vaccinate children that leads to chronic liver failure.

Vaccine side effects:

Usually a serious problem after vaccination for hepatitis B has not been considered. Vaccines slight swelling at the site, redness and tenderness can be observed. Sometimes it can be mild unrest related to the vaccine. The side effects are mild and disappear completely in three days.

2. At the end of the month Made Vaccine

BCG – (TB) skin on the left shoulder (pneumococcus) – KPA 1 foot injection muscle dabt – IPA – PRU 1- (five combined vaccine) is injected into the muscle foot rotavirus 1 – The first dose is given orally.

Five different vaccines:

Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio (poliomyelitis Hemofiluz influenza type B)

Care vaccine:

Children can mix two or three days after the vaccine was third in a fire. Feet in a few days if redness or swelling at the injection site data entry will disappear. You can use a cold compress is applied for several minutes to repair four times a day. If vaccine-related unrest and fever for more than three days, call your doctor.

4 months Vaccine

KPA 2 – (pneumococcus) is injected into the muscle foot IPA – – PRU 2 (five combined vaccine) dabt leg muscle injection to rotavirus 2 – oral

Care vaccine:

If he can dabt restlessness and fever reducer fever vaccine recommended by your doctor to do. Usually after two to four hours after inoculation, the temperature increases. Fever can sometimes take two or three days.

6 months immunization
Always B3 (hepatitis B)
KPI 3 – (pneumococcus) is injected into the muscle foot dabt – IPA – PRU 3- (five combined vaccine) injected foot muscle – OPA 1 oral polio vaccine

Care vaccine:

Side effects such as fever and swelling at the injection site seen in previous vaccine is likely to cause side effects, even with repeated doses. If previous vaccination fever and severe malaise, fever reducers, which can be developed doctor. The fever may increase soon after the vaccine may increase the next day. If vaccine-related unrest and fever for more than three days, call your doctor.

9 months Vaccine

The first dose of meningococcal vaccine into leg muscles of the ninth month -1 is done.
The latest addition to meningococcal meningitis vaccine immunization program vaccine.
The most important cause of bacterial meningitis in 18 years – meningitis, infection of the membranes around the brain and spinal cord 2. meningitis. The vaccine causes is important.

12 months Vaccine

KKK_1 (measles-mumps-rubella vaccine)
KPA-4 – (pneumococcus) is injected into the muscle foot. -1 Chickenpox (varicella) vaccine is injected under the skin of the arm. Meningitis vaccine – two doses II

Care vaccine:

Chickenpox vaccine can rarely fever and rashes on the body. There is nothing to fear.