Newborn Baby Bath


in the first hour after the birth of your baby or stay for the entire day without washing, there is no medical mind, there are many benefits to the contrary. What to do when the baby’s first bath you can decide on your participation and providing “first bath” given.

On the skin of a newborn it has a vax called vernix looks like cream cheese. Babies born at full term, usually six skin folds and arm, between the legs, is available in the right part of the back of the butt. In the skin of premature infants it is more. New research shows that you have immunity and that strengthens the immune varnish of the skin of the newborn; When the baby’s skin after birth, indicates that provide a layer of protection to the skin. This is especially the potential exposure to hospital-acquired infections, hospital provides a great advantage for newborn babies. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, as well as vernix allows the baby’s skin to remain soft.

After delivery, your newborn wants to be in your chest, so you can hear your voice, you can take the milk smell your chest; To feel the skin contact is a source of comfort for your baby born in the new world. also encourages breastfeeding your baby to be close to your chest, and supports a smoother transition to a new life. Whereas bath to remove from you your baby immediately after birth, your baby’s sense of trust, it may impair the recognition process and prevent the first feeding is very important. Delays as well as sterile aseptic manner that the protective skin of the infant born bacteria in the formation of skin pH. This is the first bath after birth, the baby’s umbilical cord and why the first 48 hours so as to be in close contact with water, cola placed face down on the head and is preferred to be done by pouring the water back.

For infants porta of the most pleasant bathtub. Baby in the womb to live in the water, being in the water again, stimulates the feeling like back in the mother’s womb and relaxation reflex. put water halfway into the tub and ensure that the free movement of water, keeping the beginning of the baby with the water’s buoyancy, relaxation and the baby is a practice that is recommended to be done with every evening my father to build both the sleep patterns. By checking in your hand as you can control the water temperature with a thermometer should lead to an accident. Water 37.5, 37. 7 should be in and dogs. You can use only once or twice a week in this bath shampoo treatments. Newborn babies of subcutaneous adipose tissue and the skin is not enough because they were born out of the water with a dry world will dry and flaking. sweat is not active as well as sweat glands, have their own fragrances. Apply shampoo frequently leads to further dry the skin, just enough to put a few drops of oil into the water in the bathtub olur.hat made with water also reduces the hardness of the hard water.

Bath flowers in all folds with an absorbent gauze that you put into your baby’s skin to stay moist towels after drying Dress moisturized with baby lotion or oil, depending on the needs of your skin. Then scrub the scalp with the hair brush, clean with a nose for a nose aspriratör because they sneeze a lot after the bath. Sparrow finger to clean the mouth by wrapping gauze superior language, take care to remain wet pinna of the external ear and the back folds, fungi, does not occur. Wipe the eyes from inside to outside with a soft gauze to prevent burring.